About AB the HERO

Who is AB the HERO?


AB the HERO is a man named Allen Bell.

His life goal is to be described as a creative genius.

Graphic Designer, Animator, Producer, Film Maker, Athlete, Mentor, are all patinas he has worn successfully.

He contributes his success to understanding and pursuing the things he’s passionate about.

Sports, working with youth, and expressing himself through different creative mediums are the things he adores.

Being a good father to his son, is what he lives for.

YouTube: AB the HERO

Vine: @ABtheHERO

Instagram: @ABtheHERO

Twitter: @ABtheHERO

This is AB the HERO getting way to crunk after an interception vs. Oklahoma

This is me getting way to Crunk after an interception vs. Oklahoma. #randompicture #becauseIcan

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