N’Sync Covered in GANGSTA – I Want You Back!

So I always wanted to Cover N’sync – I Want You BackĀ  but in my own way, GANGSTA!

A long time ago, I heard Snoop Dog’s Jin and Juice covered in acoustic guitar, I thought it was super dope, super interesting and super different, I thought to myself what if they did the reverse of that, and made pop music gangsta.

A couple years later I was working in a very popular bar in Indiana as a bouncer, my job was to stand on the stage next to the DJ booth, stop people from bumping it, leaning on it and to only let girls on the stage. Probably one of the best jobs I’ve ever had, because I would just stand there and let girls grind on me! lol But one night the DJ was killing it! Everybody was rocking out and have a great time when he made a fatal DJ mistake and played a song that totally killed the vibe or so everyone thought. He play an acoustic cover of the song RACKS on RACKs on RACKS! when it first came on everyone began to look around like what the hell is this! But after the song played for a few seconds the chorus kicked in and everyone recognized the song and the place went CRAZY! At that moment I flashed back to when I first heard that Snoop Dog Gin and Juice cover and thought to myself man it would be so dope if someone started covering pop songs in a gangsta way!

I suggested this to a couple rappers and musician I know and they agreed it was a good idea but didn’t want to do it. So I decided I would do it myself. I started trying to teach myself how to make beats, not good at it yet, but practice makes perfect! Here’s my first attempt! N’sync Covered in GANGSTA!