Love = Shit Literally! #JustMyOpinion

Just My Opinion but Love = Shit, Literally.

Love can effect a person in many different ways, emotionally, physically, and mentally. The irony is that most of us don’t realize we are being effected by love until it’s too late. This happened to me over and over again until I realized the biggest sign of love, was getting dumped in the toilet once a day. For me love has a direct correlation with SHIT and I’d like to explain why. Have you ever been so heart broken it turned your stomach upside down. You couldn’t eat anything? Or so heartbroken you couldn’t stop eating! You finished that huge tube of ice cream, even though you are lactose and tolerant. We have all been there before, but I would like to take you to a new place. Where shit happens and love is the cause of it. In the following video I will explain to you why love equals shit literally, but it’s just my opinion.

Okay, So Love = Shit, What Next?

Go out, Find some shit to get into and love will be waiting there for you probably.