Chicago Rapper Sonny Boy- Get TF Out My Face (freestyle)

Official Video: for Chicago Rapper Sonny Boy’s (freestyle) Get TF Out My Face!

This video for Chicago Rapper Sonny Boy came about in unusual way. I was planning on go up to Chicago for the Annual Chicago Marathon, not to participate but to watch one of my friends from college run, Lisa Uhl (super dope website) run her first marathon. I also wanted to use this road trip to get some more experience shooting music videos. So, I contacted Chicago Rapper Sonny Boy!   and asked if he any music he needed/wanted to shoot a video for, he said “hell Yeah”! and sent me the song. I came up with this super dope concept for a the video! It was going to be like a movie!

But something on his end came up and we had to shoot the video later in the day, which eliminated some key scenes from my concept. We decided to shoot the video anyway, a bunch of his friends showed up, for the shoot. We shot a few performance scenes and through out the night I picked up some random B-roll of them hanging out. Nothing crazy.

I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t get out my original vision out and completely was stumped on where to go with the new footage, I had. I didn’t want to make a basic video of a dude standing around rapping with his friends. Then it hit me, we are in Chi-Town we gotta show the city!

So the next day while driving to the marathon and walking around I shot a bunch of B-roll of the city to add to the video. Once I got the footage back to my editing suite I was still drawing a blank and it took me like 2 days to get in comfortable place to start editing. But, I must say, this video for Chicago Rapper Sonny Boy is the best music video I’ve done to date.