ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Africa

This is my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Live From Africa!

This summers new trend is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Everybody is doing from Lebron James to my home boy Troy who challenged me! I originally told myself I wasn’t going to take any part in this ridiculous fad but after thinking about it, I decided why not. After all it’s for a good cause even if I don’t plan on donating any money at least I can provide a little awareness. So I grabbed my camera and the ice water I was drinking and did my part! I challenged my sister who at first wanted no part, but then had a change of heart and provided the Internet with one of the most ratchet sprees of Ice Bucket Challenges ever. My sister uploaded like 4 videos getting everyone in her house and neighborhood involved. All in the name of ALS!!


Here’s the Link for the ALS websites if you need to figure out what it is, like I did.